Radiant Hair Co

Radiant Hair Co. has positioned itself as a premier provider of wigs for all sizes, specializing in custom and inclusive options for those experiencing hair loss. Our targeted interventions helped stabilize marketing efforts, improve customer engagement, significantly enhance revenue through strategic digital transformations, and has ultimately provided a transition from just wigs for hair-loss, to an all-around hair fashion brand.

We are incredibly excited about the improvements we've made with this company!
Increase in Conversions

With clear copywriting and improved website functionality, customers were more likely to purchase products.

Increase in Revenue

A staggering 194% boost in revenue demonstrates the high demand for the company's products and the success of the newly optimized e-commerce platform

Revenue From Email & SMS

Precise understanding of revenue contribution from channels allow Radiant Hair Co to focus their efforts on what's working, or improve on channels falling behind.

Strategic Implementations:

  • Brand + Website Redesign : Focused improvements on the user experience and user interface, coupled with conversion optimization strategies, have directly contributed to the increased engagement and conversion rates.
  • Website Optimization & SEO : An improvement on load speed was done thanks to optimized images & removal of clunky code. All products and pages properly optimized for search engines to pick up and crawl.
  • Enhanced Email Campaigns: Revising email strategies to include segmentation, personalized content, and timely follow-ups has significantly improved customer retention and conversion from email communications.
  • Content Strategy Consultation: While direct management wasn't conducted, consultations provided on social media content strategy helped refine the brand's online presence and engagement tactics. Graphics were created for clear information to be shared about products & accessories.
Old Logo
New Logo

Reflections and Forward-Looking Statements: The first month has been transformative for Radiant Hair Co., with record-setting performance metrics. The insights gained from the clear delineation of channel revenues are invaluable and will guide future marketing strategies. Continuing to leverage data-driven insights will ensure sustained growth and help identify new opportunities for innovation and expansion.

Lessons Learned:

  • Importance of Data: The detailed tracking and analysis of different marketing channels have emphasized the importance of a data-centric approach in digital marketing.
  • Customer Engagement: Effective engagement through personalized emails has proven crucial in converting interest into sales, reinforcing the need for ongoing optimization of communication strategies.

Adjustments Moving Forward:

  • Continued Optimization: Based on the performance data, we will continue refining the marketing mix and website functionalities to further enhance user experience and conversion rates.
  • Scalability Plans: With the proven success of the current strategies, scaling up marketing efforts and exploring new market segments will be considered to capitalize on the momentum
  • Implementation of Ads?: By finding a good benchmark of where the company is with its current efforts, the next thing to do would be to increase traffic to the website with targeted ads.
    • How we came to this conclusion: As the website has had consistent traffic thanks to their major social media channels, there is room to grow with some increase in traffic before we find a bottleneck in production. Funny enough, the first month of changes almost reached a bottleneck with production as well, but the company was able to stabilize.
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