Hair Queen LA

Hair Queen LA (HQLA) positioned itself as the premier hair salon in Los Angeles, establishing a reputation as the go-to destination for hair enthusiasts, influencers, and celebrities seeking the finest in wigs & hair care. With our help, HQLA was able to obtain predictable results with their marketing efforts, exact knowledge of what channels worked, and an increase in owned customer data.

We are incredibly excited about the improvements we've made with this company!
Increase in Sales

Increase in online revenue. Coupled with a 125% increase in conversion rate, the increase in traffic to the website exponentially increased total sales.

Total Revenue From Email

Total Revenue generated from email & sms marketing. Before starting, the total revenue from email & sms was around 4%. We deep dived into segmentation, engaged audiences, and ideal brand voice to speak to the audience.

In-store Sales Increase

Total rough increase in revenue from in-store sales (not including online sales), which comprised the majority of the sales for the company.

Execution of Campaigns:

  • Social Media Curation: Engaging posts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook showcased HQLA's services, creating a visually appealing brand narrative. Professionally taken photos were to be posted along with their daily videos, showcasing high detail to their work.
  • Google & Facebook Ads: Targeted ad campaigns focused on reaching the defined audience, employing visually striking creatives and compelling messaging. Spend was evenly split for online & in-store sales.
  • Content Marketing: Strategic content creation highlighted HQLA's offerings, emphasizing themes that resonated with the target audience's interests. Had collaborative events with influential people like Winnie StaCKz who organized a cancer-awareness fundraiser in which HQLA donated 10 wigs to people facing hair-loss issues; primarily due to cancer. Also implemented blog content to engage with online visitors.
  • Email & SMS Marketing: Prior to us, there was no consistent marketing within these channels. Direct and personalized campaigns were deployed to engage and retain customers, promoting special offers and exclusive content.
  • Content Production (YouTube and TV Show Pilot): YouTube content provided valuable insights into HQLA's expertise, while the TV show pilot aimed to enhance brand visibility on a larger scale.
  • Photography + Video: Curated high-end fashion campaigns that will elevate the brand's look. Campaigns included photography & video that would be used for multiple outlets. This actually resulted in a new service the brand began providing at their studio for customers.

Website + Conversion Optimization:

This process is always a big deal and is what we do best. Websites must be considered as secondary "stores", especially with Hair Queen having their own physical location. The website front page was organized in order to lead the customer journey. With changes made to the layout, color themes to match branding, copy writing to ensure we provide the value + answer buyer decision questions to increase sales. Afterward, using monthly data analytics and heatmaps, we determine improvements to every page to ensure customers stay engaged with the content, continue on to read the content, engage in more shopping, and ultimately leading to more sales.

With the increase of better content online, higher positioning of the brand via high quality photos, videos, and copywriting, this led to an increase in both traffic and conversion rate. The standard conversion rate online for all categories is 2%. For high cost products, it's normal for this to be much lower, but imagine this: you get 100 visitors, and you make only 1 sale. You optimize for conversions, and the next 100 visitors gets you 2-3 sales. It's simple, but requires lots of research, strategy, and creativity. Our efforts led to a 125% increase in conversion rate.

Timeline: 6 months

Results & Reflection

Our efforts resulted in a 125% increase in conversions, and a 210% increase in online sales. Engagement on social platforms skyrocketed, with substantial growth in subscriber and follower counts across YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok . Subscribers and followers of course led to higher monthly visitors.

Lessons Learned and Adjustments:

  • Insights Gained: Online sales are typically a race to the bottom; selling high-end hair products online where there’s hundreds of options available is tough. We had to position HQLA as something everyone wants to achieve, and we believe we nailed it. In-depth data analysis provided valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.
  • Adjustments Made: Continuous optimizations were made to the strategy based on evolving insights and campaign performance.
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